Insomnia is a Slovak bestseller first published in 2016. It is a 1. part of sci-fi trilogy. The book was in TOP 100 best selled books in Slovakia for more then 100 days.

In 2017 the Insomnia was followed with 2. part Hypersomnia in Slovak language. In 2018 will be published the last part of the trilogy.

In 2017 Insomnia was translated and published in Czech language.



I’m trying to live a normal life, trust me. I can handle it well, during the daytime. I give away smiles, signatures and contracts for new books. But when all of you retreat to the world in which there is no place for me, I have to find other ways to keep myself entertained... Twenty-five years without sleep... Can you imagine it? What would you do with all that time?

Only a few days ago I found out that I am not the only one. I met other sleepless people – insomniacs. They took me in and introduced me to their secret club. The only condition: to keep my insomnia a secret.

But something is wrong. Someone is following me. Is it because of insomnia? Or is it because my time is up, just as someone once predicted?

Will you come with me?

Sara Nickson is a young writer living in London who suffers from total insomnia – she never sleeps. While her career is on the rise, her personal life is a mess. Everything changes when someone tries to hurt her and she is forced to find the stranger she’s been watching for months. He tells her the truth, which will change her life forever.

Part 1 of the science fiction trilogy for young adults.








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My name is Vladimira Sebova and I'm the author of Insomnia series. 

As a child I loved books. I was always reading something. I enjoyed going to library, but the librarian didn't like me very much, because I was always trying to borrow more books than was allowed.

In elementary school I wrote some plays for my class for school christmas parties and I created a class magazine I illustrated by myself. I saw it just as fun, I never thought about becoming a writer.

I studied English and English literature and German and German literature, but I haven't finished the university. I began my own business and I became an entrepreneur. 


For years I was writing articles about personal development and I was an editor-in-chief in magazine about personal development. I was writing about life, later about health, I created more online projects. I was always around books.

I liked writing non-fiction, but I was thinking about writing fiction. I began writing some stories, but I never finished them or I thought they are not interesting enough.

At some point I thought I just can't be a writer, I can't write a fiction book.


It all changed with a simple question. It was about 2AM and I was working on my notebook. I was tired and I wanted go to bed, but I still had some work to do. And a thought came to my mind. What if I wouldn't need to sleep? 

Honestly? I was just curious. So I started thinking about this idea. What would my life look like without sleep? If I could be awake all the time ? Would this be a gift or a curse? 

I realized I'm creating a character, a story, a whole new world of insomniacs - the people who never sleep.


At first I wrote just a short story. I published online some chapters and I get a great feedback. A short story became a novel, a 1. part of trilogy. I published an ebook.

I've found a publisher and in 2017 Insomnia was published in Slovakia. The book was in TOP 100 best selling books for more then 100 days.

Year later was the book followed by 2nd part Hypersomnia in Slovakia. In 2017 was book published in Czech translation in Czech republic.


Currently I'm writing the 3rd part of the trilogy and I'm working on other language mutations of Insomnia.

Soon will be the story about girl who never sleeps available in English language, too.

I'm Slovak, but I live in Prague, Czech republic, with my wire fox terrier Doby and a lot of coffee.

Enjoy the reading! 

Feel free to contact me. :-)